A short resume of my professional skills.


I digitalize

I've worked a few years in large financial institutions, doing statistical and mathematical modelling. Then, after developing a passion for computers and tech, and a few startup projects, never shying away from actually solving and tackling the hard problems, I have acquired a good skill in analyzing and modelling data or processes, and delivering performant and stable systems that are clean, minimalist and useful.
Lately I've been involved in projects mostly as a full-stack python developer.

Core technologies
python ↗↗↗   git ↗↗↗   debian/ubuntu ↗↗↗   pandas/numpy ↗↗↗
javascript ↗↗   postgres ↗↗   php ↗↗  networking ↗↗
ansible ↗   c/c++ ↗   c# ↗   java ↗↗

Jupyter ↗↗↗   Airflow ↗↗↗   Hadoop ↗↗↗   Excel ↗↗↗
R ↗↗   Rstudio ↗   rpy2 ↗↗   pythonnet ↗↗↗
Flask ↗↗↗   SQLAlchemy ↗↗↗   Wordpress ↗↗
Microsoft Azure ↗↗   Apache/nginx ↗↗↗   systemd ↗↗   crossbar ↗↗
PostGIS ↗↗   openstreetmap ↗↗   Shapely ↗↗
ERP5 ↗   SlapOS ↗   jIO ↗↗  

Optimization (BFGS, NCG, Nelder-Mead) ↗↗
Statistics (Regressions, Maximum Likelihood, Copulas) ↗↗
Financial mathematics (Ito, Merton, Black, HJM, Vasicek, SABR) ↗↗
Machine Learning (Convolutional NN, XGboost, decision trees) ↗



Personal & other info

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